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Super 600

Made in U.S.A

Was: $230.80
Now: $165.00


Made in U.S.A

Was: $263.30
Now: $190.00


Made in U.S.A

Was: $288.10
Now: $212.00

Utility Carts & Hand Trucks

  The collapsible utility carts and hand trucks shown below Super 600, Tri-Kart 750, and Tri-Kart 800 can handle (depending on model) up to 225 - 300 pounds of equipment, material, luggage, etc. The  handles of the travel carts and the utility carts telescope up through a squeeze mechanism that lock in place when fully extended.  A squeeze of the same mechanism and the handle telescopes back down, the base flips up, and is held in place by two elastic straps for storage. Simple and Convenient!

   The HD500 utility cart below can be used as upright hand trucks or in a flat bed mode. For even more versatility, the HD500S has shelves that make it very popular with fiilm, video, production crews, etc. The Kartmaster HD500S serves as a multi-mode cart, offering auxiliary shelves which require no screws for assembly. it telescopes down and folds up into a locked, compact size for shipping or storage.