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We solemnly pledge to you that, under NO circumstances will we gather, collect, acquire, compile, store, or assimilate any information about you. The only information about you that we will ever use will just be the minimum which you have provided to process your orders. Furthermore, we don't even make use of cookies for any reason. The email address and telephone number that you give are used only to process the order. The tracking number for your order is sent to the email address that you give us and never used again unless you contact us. The email address is not given or sold to any other parties or used by us ever again unless it relates to the original order. The telephone number is required by all of the shipping services. We also might need to contact you about your order but only about the order and we will not give or sell your number to anyone else. This promise of security for your privacy applies to all of your information as well. All of the information you give is secure, serves the one purpose of processing your order, and will never be seen by anyone except to process your order or be used by us for any other purpose than to process your order. In other words we respect you and your absolute right to privacy! We thank you for your patronage and hope that your internet shopping experiences are all pleasant.