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   World Plug Adapter Guide


 World Power Plug Adapter Guide Power Plug Adapters change the configuration of the plug on your electrical cord to match the configuration needed in your destination country. The female side of the adapter is universal, that is, it will accept the male plugs from any country in the world*. The male side of these adapters is country specific, meaning it will fit into the outlet of the country for which it was chosen.
    The World Power Plug Adapter Guide is a list of every country in the world. When you click on a particular country name you will see the recommended power plug adapters for anywhere in that country. Most countries outside of the U.S. or Canada have more than one possible outlet type. Some countries have 7 possibile outlet configuration. When you click on your destination country you will be shown a kit for that country that includes ALL of the plug adapters you will need for any location or region within that country. The kits include both grounded and ungrounded plug adapters.
   Once you leave the U.S. and Canada you will find that other countries do not have as many grounded and polarized outlets. You may find yourself forced to use an ungrounded outlet with a grounded plug. This is never recommended but if you do decide to do that you need to be sure you have taken all necessary precautions to protect yourself and your equipment.
   Click on the country name and image below for more details or just add to cart from here. There are more than 225 countries listed over three pages:


          Afghanistan                          Ireland                            Taiwan

                 to                                      to                                    to

                Iraq                                 Tahiti                            Zimbabwe