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Made In the U.S.A.

Made In the U.S.A.


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   All Kart-A-Bag® carts are Made in the USA and carry a 10 year limited warranty. These carts are known internationally for their innovative design and reliability. Over the years, numerous independent critics have found that quality and craftsmanship are words best used to describe these carts. Consumers are impressed with product features such as load handling, telescoping handles and easy to use locking systems. Many customers have said that the carts have changed their lifestyles by relieving back and arm strain and making their work or travel easier.

   These units now feature the newly patented locking system which makes opening and closing the hand carts as easy as pressing a button. All carts are constructed of heavy duty aluminum rods and chrome plated automotive grade steel wire that has been hand welded for extraordinary strength. In addition, chrome plating is of double thickness to guard against corrosion. Handles and locking systems are made of polycarbonate plastic. Handles also feature a recessed foam grip for greater comfort. Optional bar handles have been introduced on the larger carts for better control. The appropriate wheel size has been chosen to make it easy to either push or pull a heavily loaded cart through a congested area.

   These luggage carts can handle weights (depending on the model) from 100 - 300 pounds. In spite of all of their features, versatility, and weight capacity all units collapse down to more manageable sizes and in many cases conform to airline specifications for under seat storage.  The compactness of the travel carts is second only to their ease of assembly and disassembly.