Personal Protection Door Alarms Features:

Personal protection door alarms are combination products. This two-n-one personal protection door alarm transforms an ordinary doorknob into a highly sensitive burglar alarm. In order to gain easy access to your home or hotel room burglars will first try your doors to see if they are unlocked. If a burglar touches your outside doorknob this device will instantly emit a 120 dB alarm to scare him away and alert you to the attempted entry. Unlike other personal protection door alarms, the burglar will be stopped before he enters your hotel room or home. Even if he is wearing gloves, the personal protection alarm will sound as soon as the outside doorknob is touched. No installation required: simply hang on the inside doorknob of any wooden door. Please note that this self defense alarm will only work on wooden doors.

This alarm can also be used as a personal protection alarm also. Place the included metal chain around your wrist and plug it into the alarm and place the alarm in your hand, pocket, handbag.  As soon as the metal chain is pulled out the alarm sound until the metal chain is plugged back in the unit. Requires 1 9v battery (that is notincluded).  The alarm measures 4 1/4" x 2" x 1".  Please note that this alarm does not work with plastic door knobs.