Planecomfort All-in-One Travel Comfort Kit - Fashion Prints Packed with value and the latest fashion colors for Spring/Summer 2007! Included with your printed Plane comfort Kit is a coordinating Luggage Finder that makes it easy to spot your checked bag as it travels around the baggage carousel. (Enlarge picture to view Dots print and coordinating luggage finder). Travel in comfort and style!

Fleece Blankets by PLANECOMFORT Features:


Care Instructions: Machine was cold with like colors.  Detach strap and remove blanket from pouch before washing.  For best results Line Dry Do not Dry Clean. Do Not Iron.

How to use Planecomfort There are 3 ways to carry Planecomfort:

  1. Attach Planecomfort® directly to your carryon luggage, backpack or laptop case.  The snap hooks make it easy to attach Planecomfort® to any bag you are toting.

  2. Using the adjustable strap, sling it over your shoulder or lengthen the strap and sling it over your entire body.

  3. Pack Planecomfort® in your carryon luggage or keep in your car.

  4. Available in Black, Red, and Navy

How to use when flying:

Planecomfort® holds all the necessary items you need while making your way through the airport and provides clean comfort once settled in your seat.

  1. The zippered pocket is the perfect place to store your ID, boarding pass, money, a book or a small snack.  You no longer have to keep digging into your pocketbook or carry-on to get to these items.  They are all in one place, securely attached to your carry-on or person.

  2. Once on the plane, unzip Planecomfort®, pull out the blanket, insert the airline pillow or inflate your travel pillow and you’ve got a complete comfort system.

  3. You can use Planecomfort® just as a pillow or lumbar support.  Unzip Planecomfort® to reveal the fleece topped pillow case, fold the flap back and you have a soft place to rest your head or keep the unit zipped and place in the small of your back.

  4. Fashion styles available: Dots and Zebra