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Choosing the right luggage cart

   The first double rod travel luggage cart model to be patented in the early 70's, the Continental 500, included the telescoping design. At its advent, it was an answer to many prayers for ease of use and durability. The original gray folding plastic base has been changed to black and the handle has been redesigned for greater hand comfort with a plastic foam sponge insert. Many people still use this 3 lb. unit due to it's light weight and it's very compact quality. It carries 100 lbs. of semi-hard sided luggage, tool and instrument cases.

   Developed later in the 70's for an airline pilot who had limited storage space for luggage in his cabin , the Flite-Lite 525 cart is completely made of aluminum and chrome plated steel with a plastic handle. The addition of steel wire wheel guards and the recently patented press button locking system makes this unit a 1/2 lb. heavier than the Continental at 3.5 lbs. It carries the same 100 lb. weight, and the wheel guards protect cases from wheel rubbing.

   Also developed late in the 70's and still very popular sellers are the Concorde II and Concorde III carts. Both are dual rod telescoping models made of aluminum rods, chrome plated steel, with plastic press button locking systems and handles. Both have wider bases than the preceding carts so that wider loads have better balance. The difference in these luggage carts lies in their storage weight and their luggage load capacities. 

   The Concorde II cart weighs 5.5 lbs in storage size and carries 150 lbs. It has steel wire wheel guards protecting 5 inch rubber wheels. The Concorde III weighs 6.5 lbs and carries 175 lbs. The wheel guards were changed to solid steel and heavy duty steel curb and stair slides have been added to aid in pulling loads up over curbs and stairs. The rubber wheel size has been increased from 4 to 5 inches. The question of which is the better choice for one's needs lies in the person's preference for lighter storage weight versus larger wheels and stair slides.

   The Concorde V and later the Tri-Cart 750 were developed at the request of European clients who wanted more height in a cart, greater weight capacity and a stronger curb/stair slide as picturesque European cities have very high curbs and older buildings without elevators. The wider base of the Concorde V was kept due to the unevenness of cobbled streets. The wider base kept its balance with ease. However, the clients still wished to be able to store their cart under their airline seat as was possible with all the smaller models. The Concorde V weighs 9 lbs. and can carry 220 lbs. 

   The Tri-Cart 750 and Tri-Kart 800 grew out of the load capacity of the Concorde V. Wrists, elbows, and shoulders had to take the fully loaded weight of 220 lbs. which, for some, was a strain. They both have an  extra two wheels which fold down to balance heavy loads as needed.  These wheels are retractable, folding up and locking when the unit goes up and down curbs and stairs. The Tri-Kart 750 and Tri-Kart 800 load capacities are 225 pounds and 300 pounds respectively. Their compact storage weights are 12.5 lbs. and 16 pounds respectively.  The Super 600 is basically a Tri-Kart 800 without the extra set of wheels

  All of these luggage carts carry a 10 year manufacturer's limited warranty.


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